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Wiki additions - On this day in 2017

Apr. 6th, 2005

04:20 pm - Wiki additions

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Well last night proved quite productive as I introduced two new major NPCs to the database.

Helena Prentise (aka Swamp Girl) is a psychic eco-warrior and a member of the extra-legal Marsher Alliance, a paramilitary organisation sanctioned at the highest levels of government. Helena is a veteran of the continental laws and a tad kick-arse.

Richard Deverre is the commanding officer of local regiment The Queen's Own Kentish Rangers and one of the British Army's most respected figures.

Two minor characters Stig and Sean are also in there. They're the backup muscle for Helena and will get a fuller treatment when I find the relevant notes.

Thanks to Richard and Helena the history of the continental wars is starting to take shape, along with the broader international situation. Quite a few key events exist in both bios, and as time allows I'll start to flesh them out with their own entries.

If anyone else fancies getting involved in the geopolitics side of things feel free - that's what a wiki's for after all >:)

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