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Wiki updates - On this day in 2017

Apr. 25th, 2005

02:49 am - Wiki updates

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I'm trying to get in the habit of making Sunday my main wiki-editing day seeing as otherwise it usually ends up pretty unproductive. I don't know if this will work in the longer term, but today's certainly kept me busy.
First up I've added some basic stuff to do with the Open Game License, so now it's possible to add OGL content to the wiki and properly identify it as such. My reason for doing this is to facilitate adding the Modern System Reference Document and the Action! System rules into the wiki.
Secondly I added half of the Modern SRD into the wiki, with more to follow at a later date.
The majority of source material for the Silicon Beach setting is currently written for the Traveller:The New Era rules system by the now-defunct Game Designers' Workshop. Whilst it's possible that I may decide to continue supporting variants of the Traveller rules system, I am keen to develop one or more OGL systems tailored to the particular needs of the setting.
I selected the Modern SRD as one possible alternative because it provides a detailed rule system capable of handling both hi-tech and the supernatural.
The Action! system by way of contrast utilises a relatively simple rules system with ample opportunities for customisation.
Whilst other OGL systems exist, at this point in time I feel that concentrating on these two systems will prove more productive than trying to juggle all the competing alternatives.

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