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Progress stalled - On this day in 2017

Jul. 31st, 2005

11:40 pm - Progress stalled

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Thanks to recent server problems and the necessity of job hunting, the project has stalled during the last couple of months. Hopefully everything will be back on track before September with fresh content planned for the Wiki, and a new back-end running on new servers.

I’m currently considering the move from a MediaWiki 1.3 engine, which is a nightmare of embedded PHP, to a fresh codebase using Ruby On Rails: this is a technology similar to Apple’s WebObjects, but using the Ruby language rather than Java.

Ruby On Rails makes it very easy to develop complex database-driven web applications with minimal quantities of code, so a conversion hopefully won’t take too long. I also want to develop a cross-platform client-side editing tool to make working on new content off-line that much less irritating as several significant updates to the site have been lost thanks to machine crashes, network outages and general browser crapness.

Feature suggestions (currently limited to automated backups) are welcome.